Club Rules

Membership card

North Beach Bowling Club operates under a restricted licence for members and their guests only. When you join and renew as a member, you will receive a membership card which shows your member number and expiry date on it. Please ensure you have your membership card with you when you come to the club. Bar staff or committee members may request to see this and you will need to produce it if you win a member’s draw or Chase the Ace.


The club is governed by it's Constitution and all members must abide by the rules set out in the Constitution. You can view a copy of the current Constitution by clicking here.

Our Code of Conduct



Members may haveup to 5 guests at the club at any time. The member is responsible for their guest’s proper conduct on club premises.


Dress Code

Members and their guests must comply with our dress code at all times in the clubrooms: no bare feet, no singlets, no hats on inside.



The Management Committee shall have the power to warn, reprimand, suspend or expel any member who fails to observe any requirement of the Constitution, By-Laws or Management Committee.



Is only permitted on the veranda on the South side of the clubhouse, on the South end of A and B green and outside the green gate on the eastern end of the club.



Members may not bring alcoholic beverages onto the club premises. Liquor Licensing Act provisions prevent this.